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Razer’s new Nari Ultimate gaming headset features ‘lifelike’ haptic feedback

Razer’s new Nari Ultimate gaming headset features ‘lifelike’ haptic feedback

Razer has pulled the curtain back on yet another line of PC gaming headsets, the Nari series. All three of these new gaming headsets come packing THX Spatial Audio, however, the ‘Ultimate’ version does something completely new: hyper-realistic haptic feedback.

The feature, co-developed with German engineering firm Lofelt, uses haptic motion drivers to generate haptic feedback from all angles and dimensions. The goal of this is to drive deeper immersion in games and better in-game positional awareness.

Better yet, this feature works across all audio formats and sources, from (obviously) video games to movies and music, converting audio signals into haptic ones automatically.

In addition to simulated surround sound through THX, the three new, over-ear gaming headsets – the Nari Essential ($99/€99), the Nari ($149/ €149) and the Nari Ultimate ($199/€199) – all share ear cushions with cooling gel inside, an automatically adjusting headband and ‘lag-free’ 2.4GHz wireless connectivity.

The convenient chart above breaks down all of these product differences, and clearly Razer hopes you’ll gravitate toward the Nari Ultimate. Stay tuned for a full review of Razer Nari Ultimate to see whether it’s truly worth the relatively steep cost.

Source:: TechRadar Gaming Feed

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