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My First Custom Mechanical Keyboard, The Tofu

My First Custom Mechanical Keyboard, The Tofu

Parts List


Durock V2 Screw In stabs. Lubed with Krytox HXT-BDZ and holee modded.


Boba U4T 62G Tactile Switches

Lubed using the Gazzew method with Tribosis 3203


Signature Plastics SA Profile in PBT

Keyboard Mods

The Boba U4T switches are lubed using the Gazzew method with Tribosys 3203.

Durock V2 stabs are holee modded and lubed with Krytox HXT-BDZ.

Butyl rubber in bottom of case for sound dampening and weight.

PE foam between the PCB and the plate foam.

Rubber 0-rings on the traymount screws.

My Thoughts

This Tofu will always have a special place in my heart since it’s my first build. I have a Klippe case to swap out for the Tofu, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

The Signature Plastics keycaps are the best I’ve ever seen or felt. There is just nothing else like them.

I am going to redo the stabilizers. Having built 9 builds after this one, I’ve realized the holee mod is overkill on Durock V2 stabilizers. My current build methodology is to only holee mod the spacebar stabilizers if using Durock or equivalent stabilizers.

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