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PS4 Celebrates Anniversary With Stats And Devs’ Favorite Games

PS4 Celebrates Anniversary With Stats And Devs’ Favorite Games

PlayStation 4 is celebrating its fifth anniversary today, November 15, and to mark the occasion Sony has shared some notable stats and thoughts from some game developers. Those include some new sales data among light-hearted points about popular controllers.

An infographic on the PlayStation Blog tells the story. The PS4 has sold 86.1 million hardware units, along with 777.9 million software units. The system has also received 11 major software updates amid countless smaller “stability updates.” The data also shares some popular games, but lists them alphabetically rather than ranking them against each other.

Best-Selling Games:

Most Popular Games:

Most Downloaded Games:

In terms of hardware, the top DualShock color schemes are flat black, blue, red, white, and camo. Finally, the rarest PS4 is the PS4 Pro 500 Million Units Edition, which was limited to just 50,000. Sony also announced a brand-new PS4 bundle, which includes Black Ops 4.

Sony also released a lengthy blog featuring favorite games of top developers from studios like Guerrilla, Insomniac, Sony Bend, and Naughty Dog. Lots of PlayStation 4 exclusives like God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn were named as standouts from fellow developers, along with a healthy selection of third-party and indies like Red Dead Redemption 2, Bloodborne, and Inside.

Source:: Gamestop News

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