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Personal details of all Georgian citizens published online

Personal details of all Georgian citizens published online

Hackers have published the personal details of over 4.9 million citizens of Georgia on a hacking forum.

As the current population of the Eastern European nation is approximately 3.79 million according to recent figures, it would appear that the database includes the details of deceased Georgians as well.

Personally identifiable information like names, addresses, date of birth, ID numbers, and mobile numbers were all leaked, according to researchers from Under The Breach, a data breach monitoring and prevention service.

Data breach

The leaked data was stored in a 1.04 GB Microsoft Access database file, and while it was initially reported to be a leaked voters database belonging to The Central Election Commission (CEC), the organisation said this was not the case.

CEC said that it does not store the data of deceased citizens, nor does it keep information like voter’s father’s name, telephone number or ID number, all of which were found in the voter database.

According to the Georgian election commission, the format and structure of the data is different than how it is stored by the government agency. It also pointed out that the numbers in the leaked database are different than the ones available with them.

As per ZDNet the hackers, without divulging the source, confirmed that this database did not originate from CEC. Georgian authorities are already investigating the breach.


Source:: TechRadar Gaming Feed

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