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FF7 Remake Jigsaw Puzzles Are Here To Occupy Your Time

FF7 Remake Jigsaw Puzzles Are Here To Occupy Your Time

Puzzles have become a popular hobby this year as people look for things to do during the pandemic lockdown. They were even hard to find at one point due to how many people were buying them, so it’s a great time for Square Enix to be releasing new official jigsaw puzzles for Final Fantasy VII Remake. Announced earlier this year alongside other FFVII merch, the two FFVII Remake jigsaw puzzles are finally up for pre-order at Amazon.

Two different puzzles are up for grabs, including a 1000-piece option for $25 and a 500-piece option for $20. The puzzles release October 28, according to Amazon. They also come with Amazon’s pre-order price guarantee, so if the price drops between when you order and when the item ships, you’ll get the lowest price that’s been available on Amazon.

FFVII Remake: 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Releases October 28

The 1,000-piece puzzle option shows Cloud on the Hardy Daytona motorcycle and wielding his iconic Buster Sword. When completed, it measures over 2.5 feet wide.

FFVII Remake: 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Releases October 28

If you’re not ready to commit to a thousand-piece puzzle, there’s a smaller option available, and it’s a nice callback to the original game. The 500-piece puzzle features the entire cast, including characters who appear later on like Yuffie and Cid, with Midgar shining in the background. It measures over a foot wide when completed.

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