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Platinum Games Is Working On A New Hero-Based Action Game It Hopes Will Be The Studio’s Ultraman

Platinum Games Is Working On A New Hero-Based Action Game It Hopes Will Be The Studio’s Ultraman

The next title from Platnium Games has been revealed in the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, and details are now coming to light. The title, which is currently known as Project GG, will be directed by Hideki Kamiya (director of Bayonetta).

Prominent tweeter Wario64 has given an overview, based on information posted to Japanese website Ryokutya2089. Kamiya has said that the game is the third and final entry in his “hero” trilogy, following Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101.

In the interview, Kamiya and producer Atsushi Inaba talk about the project in relation to their previous works; they describe Viewtiful Joe as being like their Kamen Rider, while saying that this new game will be more like their Ultraman. There are two different ways one could interpret this in translation: either the game takes some inspiration from Japanese hero Ultraman and the tokusatsu genre, or they intend for the work to be as impactful as Ultraman, which is beloved in Japan and has been hugely influential on pop-culture as a whole.

“Project GG” by Hideki Kamiya is the next project from PlatinumGames, revealed in Famitsu. The last entry of the “Hero Trilogy,” which seems to be referring to Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101 as the other two

— Wario64 (@Wario64) February 26, 2020

The game, which will be the first title published independently by Platnium Games, is targeting all platforms. He says there’s 15 people currently working on it, but the studio hopes to scale up the project considerably to have more developers on it. The game also seems to be quite early in development, so it could be some time before it’s shown off publicly.

It’s part of the Platinum 4, following on from The Wonderful 101 Remastered, but the other projects have not been announced yet. The last project of the four is being kept top secret.

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