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Dead Cells’ Legacy Update Brings Back Previous Game Builds

Dead Cells’ Legacy Update Brings Back Previous Game Builds

Motion Twin has released a new Dead Cells patch that reintroduces all of the game’s old versions. The Legacy Update, available now on PC, brings back the glory days of Dead Cells for those feeling nostalgic.

The Legacy Update lets you play “every major iteration of the game from the first build of Early Access right up to [the] present,” Motion Twin wrote in a Steam blog post. “We will of course make sure that we stock all of our future major updates in there too.” The patch also does a few extra things, such as preventing cloud saves from getting deleted, adding new mutations and weapons, reworking “total crap” weapons, and more.

The Legacy Update is available on Steam right now. It allows you to play all of the major iterations of Dead Cells since Early Access. Oh and we fixed the dreaded Steam Cloud save deletion hellfest. Happy holidays everyone! #gamedev #indiegames #Steam

— Motion Twin (@motiontwin) December 23, 2019

The headlining feature of the Legacy Update though, as the name suggests, is the replayability of all Dead Cells’ previous major updates. This includes Rise of the Giant, Hand of the King, and many others.

To access Dead Cells’ previous updates, right-click on the game in your Steam library and select “Properties.” Click the “Betas” tab and choose the version you’d like to play from the dropdown menu. Hit “Close,” wait for the download to complete, and enjoy your favorite version of Dead Cells. The Legacy Update is currently only available on PC, but Motion Twin said in a separate tweet that “the updates will come to all platforms ASAP.”

Motion Twin, in conjunction with the newly-established studio Evil Empire, has confirmed that Dead Cells will continue to receive new content well into 2020. Coming to the roguelike-Metroidvania in Q1 of next year is The Bad Seed, a new piece of DLC that “brings two new early game biomes and a big #$&%-off boss for you to bash your head against.” The Bad Seed will cost $5 USD when it goes live.

Source:: Gamestop News

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