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Apex Legends will be coming to mobile, says EA

Apex Legends will be coming to mobile, says EA

With the roaring success of battle royale titles PUBG and Fortnite, the time was ripe for EA’s spin on the genre – Apex Legends – to swoop in and rise to prominence. And that it did.

The game managed to draw in 25 million players in its first week, and 50 million in its first month but now the publisher behind the unstoppable success is looking to expand to two more huge demographics – the mobile gaming and Eastern markets.

In EA’s quarterly earnings report, the publisher announced that it’s looking at bringing the Respawn Entertainment-developed game to mobile platforms and to both South Korea and China.

“We’re in advanced negotiations to China and mobile”, EA’s CFO Blake Jorgenson stated, before later mentioning South Korea as another expansion point.

While the specific platform details haven’t been confirmed, it’s fair to assume that this will include both Android and iOS releases down the line, and as far as the Eastern market releases, this will be via EA’s PC platform and marketplace, Origin.

Also revealed in the earnings call is that a solid 30% of Apex Legend’s current players are completely new to EA’s games, which is no mean feat considering how popular some of the company’s franchises have been over the decades, such as FIFA, Battlefield, The Sims, and the Mass Effect series.

Source:: TechRadar Portable Devices

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