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The Doom And Doom 2 Console Ports Are Getting Free DLC, Including Final Doom And Sigil

The Doom And Doom 2 Console Ports Are Getting Free DLC, Including Final Doom And Sigil

The recent Switch, PS4, and Xbox One ports of Doom and Doom II are expanding with new free content. Eurogamer is reporting that a recent Doom anniversary livestream revealed that owners of both ports would be receiving a raft of bonus content in the near future, as well as an upcoming patch with a locked 60fps option and an expanded choice of aspect ratio options.

Both Doom games will get Sigil, John Romero’s recent expansion, in a future update. This pack, released for the first time this year, includes nine new single-player levels and nine new multiplayer maps. It’s intended as a fifth episode of Doom. Also coming are the two components of Final Doom, TnT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment, which is made up of another 32 levels. This will dramatically increase the amount of content you’re getting when you buy either Doom or Doom II on consoles.

Doom II will also receive the No Rest for the Living expansion in this update, which is not definitively dated yet. This expansion was first made available in the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game, released in 2010. It consists of an additional nine levels, which will boost Doom II out to a whopping 80 levels total.

These releases got off to a rocky start after their surprise launch in June, with Bethesda soon needing to remove a login requirement that made the games much more difficult to play. Doom 3 is also available on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, but will not receive these extras.

Source:: Gamestop News

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