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Smash Bros. Tournament To Be Held At E3

Smash Bros. Tournament To Be Held At E3

Nintendo is holding a Smash Bros. invitational tournament at E3, giving our first look at competitive play on the Switch. The tournament will take place June 11-12 in Los Angeles at E3, which kicks off on June 12. Given Nintendo’s tendency to debut its E3 announcements in a Nintendo Direct just before the show kicks off, it’s likely that our first look at Smash Bros. for Switch will come just before the exhibition tournament.

Running alongside the Smash Bros. tournament will be the first Splatoon 2 world championship since its launch last year. Nintendo is hosting US and Canada online qualifiers through Battlefy. Open qualifiers will take place April 21 at 11 AM PT, and finals will wrap up on April 28 at 8 AM PT. The competition will test your skills in both Turf War and Ranked Battle modes. Teams of four must be composed of players age 13 and up. You can check out full rules and registration information if you want to throw down some ink.

Hosting tournaments at E3 is becoming an annual tradition for Nintendo. It brought back the Nintendo World Championships in 2015, which promoted both Splatoon and Super Mario Maker. Last year it hosted tourneys for Splatoon 2 and Arms on Switch, before either game was released. Those all worked well as promotional events, but Smash Bros. has a vibrant competitive community that predates Nintendo’s official involvement. In fact, Nintendo’s relationship with fan tournaments was even contentious at times, before it turned a corner and allowed competitive play. Now the company seems to be embracing it fully.

Despite a brief look at some silhouettes in the debut trailer, we don’t know very much about the roster for this iteration of Smash Bros. We do know who we’d love to see make the cut.

Source:: Gamestop News

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