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Play These Xbox One Games For Free Right Now

Play These Xbox One Games For Free Right Now

If you don’t already have enough to play or are simply looking to mix things up, you’ve got some options right now on Xbox One. Three different games are hosting free-play weekends, two of which don’t require Xbox Live Gold.

The first two are NBA 2K18 and Rainbow Six Siege. 2K18 is the latest game in the basketball sim series, and while its Virtual Currency microtransactions are objectionable to some, the on-court action is quite good. Siege, meanwhile, is the continually evolving competitive shooter from Ubisoft. It’s undergone a remarkable transformation since its launch in 2015, and it continues to go strong, with a big update coming up soon.

Both of those games are playable even if you don’t have an Xbox Live Gold membership, which is often a requirement to take part in these free-play events. You will, however, need an active Gold subscription to check out the third game, Blizzard’s hero shooter, Overwatch. As with previous free trials, you’ll be able to play the majority of the game, including all heroes and maps in Quick Play, Custom Games, and Arcade. As it happens, the game’s Lunar New Year event is ongoing, giving you a chance to unlock some cool new Year of the Dog skins.

Progress made during any of these trial periods will carry over to the full versions if you ever decide to purchase them. NBA 2K18 and Siege’s free events run from now through February 18, and both games are on sale on the Xbox Store this week; the Overwatch free event runs through February 19.

Source:: Gamestop News

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