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OnePlus TV name and logo officially confirmed

OnePlus TV name and logo officially confirmed

OnePlus is finally ready to expand beyond smartphones and will be playing in the TV segment next. The company just confirmed that it would be called the OnePlus TV and also unveiled the logo.

Earlier this year, OnePlus announced its intentions of entering the smart TV game by bringing its twist to it. According to company executives, televisions hadn’t innovated in the last few years, and they thought they could bring something new to the table.

The official OnePlus TV logo

In a forum post, the company shared a few updates around the TV. For starters, it will be called the ‘OnePlus TV.’ A contest was held where community members could suggest names for this new product, and the name was then finalised. They even went on to reveal the logo, which was equally minimal. The name may seem a little underwhelming, but OnePlus is known for favoring minimalism when it comes to its designs and names. Or it probably did not want to create a new product name and keep things simple, just as it does with its smartphones.

The OnePlus TV will encompass around the “Never Settle” philosophy and sport a “burdenless” design. It’s going to be interesting how OnePlus will design the TV, as there’s not much differentiation imaginable.

OnePlus TV specifications

There’s not much information available on the TVs itself, but MySmartPrice was able to retrieve some information. It will come in various screen sizes, starting at 43-inches and going all the way up to 75-inches. These will vary with regions and India is expected to get the 43, 55, 65 and 75-inch variants. These are expected to be 4K OLED panels, manufactured by TPV Display Technologies Pvt Ltd.

The OnePlus TV will bring lots of smart connected features, which the competition does not offer. It will have wifi, Bluetooth 5.0 and an AI voice assistant. It will be powered by Android TV, but OnePlus is sure to add its twist to it.

It shouldn’t take long for more information to surface, as the OnePlus TV is slated to be announced in the last week of September, and will be targeted at markets such as India and Canada.

Source:: TechRadar Gaming Feed

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