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New Update For PS4/PC Shoot-Em-Up Nex Machina Out Now

New Update For PS4/PC Shoot-Em-Up Nex Machina Out Now

Nex Machina, the PS4 and PC shoot-em-up from the developer of Resogun, is pretty awesome. But the game has only been out a week, as with many new releases, Nex Machina had some stability and performance issues for some players. Today, Housemarque released a big new update for the game that improves, fixes, and tweaks the game.

The update is highlighted by a number of gameplay changes meant to balance the game. Hero difficulty, for instance, has been significantly changed to improve gameplay: the developer has added shockwaves, disabled restarts, given players all powerups to start with, and changed the max multiplayer to 999, among other tweaks.

The update has a host of other fixes, as well, including improvements to visual effects, changes to the HUD, world-specific tweaks, and numerous balance patches. In all, it’s a massive update that should fix many complaints that players have had. The update is live now on PS4 and PC; you can see the full patch notes here.

The game launched last week to critical acclaim; you can watch gameplay of it here. In addition, GameSpot critic Jason D’Aprile gave it a 9/10, stating, “It’s difficult, intensely satisfying, and packed with enough secrets and lofty secondary objectives to keep you enraptured for hours. It’s a classic game at heart, but with refined challenges and exacting mechanics, it feels right at home in the modern era.”

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