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New Call of Duty trailer shows off Fortnite-style ‘Blackout’ mode, zombies

New Call of Duty trailer shows off Fortnite-style ‘Blackout’ mode, zombies

The Call of Duty series made some big waves this year when it was announced that the latest entry in the mega-franchise, Black Ops 4, would be forgoing a traditional single-player campaign in favor of a Fortnite and PUBG-style battle royale mode.

After keeping its cards close to its chest for the last few months, publisher Activision has dropped an action-packed new trailer focused exclusively on the upcoming mode, dubbed ‘Blackout’.

Featuring the largest multiplayer map in Call of Duty’s history (with sections based on locales from previous Black Ops entries), the Blackout mode will see up to 80 players fighting simultaneously to become the last person standing. You can check out the Blackout trailer below.

Based on what we see above, it appears that developer Treyarch (with help from Beenox) is set to seriously deliver on the promise of a Call of Duty battle royale mode, with wing suits, land, sea and air vehicles, killstreak perks and even zombies getting their time in the spotlight.

Treyarch has also announced that players will be able to fight as their favorite characters from across the franchise in the mode, and we’ve already spotted some familiar faces in the new footage, including Alex Mason from the original Black Ops game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is set to drop on October 10, though eager fans who pre-order the game will be able to access the Blackout Private Beta a month early on September 10.

The latest entry in Call of Duty’s rival franchise, Battlefield V, is set to launch with its own battle royale mode dubbed Firestorm. As for which title will be the last one standing, we’ll have to wait until the dust settles.

Source:: TechRadar Gaming Feed

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