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Microsoft Flight Simulator Review – Around The World

Microsoft Flight Simulator Review – Around The World
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Whenever I board a passenger jet to go somewhere, my stomach sinks and my brain says, “Well, I guess you’re gonna die now.” But the thought of flying is still magical to me. Whether it’s fighter jets in

Microsoft Flight Simulator pushes you to learn more, though. The tutorial attempts to teach you how to read the dials and meters in your cockpit, runs you through basic flight theory and etiquette, and guides you on how to navigate your way through the air by yourself. While my experience with arcade flight games led me to choose a middle-ground experience that let me control the plane in a mostly realistic manner, I found myself very eager to learn more. I wanted to stay in the incredibly detailed cockpit view more often in order to try and internalise the meter readings. I wanted to know what all the dials and buttons did and when to use them. At the time of writing, I’m now at the point where I’m operating my plane primarily through manual activation with my mouse and keyboard, using a controller only for its analog stick, and I feel incredibly accomplished.

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