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Game Of Thrones Creators’ Controversial Civil War Show Not A Priority At HBO Right Now

Game Of Thrones Creators’ Controversial Civil War Show Not A Priority At HBO Right Now

Game of Thrones showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff’s controversial HBO TV show, Confederate, is no longer a priority for the network, it seems. Programming boss Casey Bloys told Deadline the show is “not on the front burner” right now for HBO. That’s all Bloys had to say on the subject.

Confederate was announced in 2017. The show takes place in an alternate version of the United States where the Confederates won the American Civil War, thereby allowing slavery to continue. Benioff and Weiss were announced as the program’s showrunners, which is the same role they had for Game of Thrones.

The show’s announcement was met with swift criticism over its subject matter. HBO stood behind the show, saying it had faith in its creators to “approach the subject with care and sensitivity.” Benioff, meanwhile, said the outrage was “a little premature” because the show was so early in production.

“We haven’t written any scripts yet,” he said. “We don’t have an outline yet. We don’t even have character names,” he said. “So everything is brand new and nothing’s been written. I guess that’s what was a little bit surprising about some of the outrage. It’s just a little premature. You know, we might f**k it up. But we haven’t yet.”

Production was scheduled to begin after Game of Thrones ended, which it now has, but the program was delayed after Weiss and Benioff took jobs with Disney to work on a new trilogy of Star Wars films.

In February this year, Bloys told TV Line that the delay of Confederate comes down to Weiss and Benioff taking the Star Wars job, not because of the controversy.

“Dan and David are finishing up the final season [of Game of Thrones] and then they are going to go into the Star Wars universe,” Bloys said. “When they come out of that, I assume they will come back to us.”

The first of the new Star Wars films from Weiss and Benioff is scheduled to hit theatres in 2022, so it could be a very long time before Confederate is released.

Weiss and Benioff are now visiting studios in an attempt to secure a new “overall” deal. WarnerMedia, which owns HBO, is among those speaking with the pair about a new deal, though it remains to be seen which company Weiss and Benioff may sign with.

For more on Game of Thrones, you can check out GameSpot’s recap of the series finale, “The Iron Throne,” in the video embed above.

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