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Free Shadow Of War Mobile Game Out Now

Free Shadow Of War Mobile Game Out Now

Ahead of the main game’s release next month, a version of Middle-earth: Shadow of War for iOS and Android devices launched today. The free-to-play strategy RPG challenges you to the task of taking down Orcs and ultimately the evil dark lord himself, Sauron.

Some of the playable characters include Shadow of War protagonists Talion and Celebrimbor, along with Gandalf, Gimli, and the new version of Shelob, among others.

In the mobile game, Celebrimbor made new Rings of Power and it’s your job to collect as many as possible to improve your skills on your journey to ridding evil from the world. The gameplay takes the form of real-time battles with squads you assemble.

Shadow of War’s mobile version also makes use of the franchise’s trademark Nemesis system. As in the mainline games, this means that Orcs will remember you. Also, you can choose to kill them for rewards or recruit them to do your bidding. You can get a glimpse at the gameplay and more in the trailer embedded above.

Shadow of War’s mobile version was developed by IUGO, in partnership with WB Games San Francisco and Monolith Productions.

“We’re thrilled to have collaborated with the incredible team at IUGO whose passion and innovation were paramount in creating an authentic Middle-earth adventure on mobile that lives up to players’ expectations,” WB Games SF boss Jonathan Knight said in a statement. “Together we’ve brought to life Middle-earth’s greatest Champions and combined that with the award-winning Nemesis System, setting the stage for an epic battle against Sauron and his armies to take back Middle-earth.”

As with other free-to-play games, Shadow of War lets you pay real-money for extra items, though these are optional. You can download the game now using the links below.

Shadow of War launches on October 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. In other news about the game, Warner Bros. announced that its controversial DLC that honored a late developer will now be offered for free.

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