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Destiny 2 Adding A New Way To Get Double XP, Here’s How

Destiny 2 Adding A New Way To Get Double XP, Here’s How

Bungie is rolling out a new way for Destiny 2 players to earn double XP. This is being done through what Bungie is calling a “Clarion Call.” As part of this, beginning on November 17 and running through the weekend, players who fight alongside other clam members in their fireteam will earn double XP.

You have to be in a clan to get the double XP reward. If you’re not already in one, all the information about how to create or join a clan can be found here on Bungie’s website. It’s a relatively simple process, and well worth doing to get that double XP reward. The double XP bonus begins at 10 AM PT on November 17 and ends the same time on November 20, Bungie announced in its newest blog post.

While this event sounds like Bungie’s way of pushing players to create and join clans, the developer also has something in store for solo players. Playing solo is fine and people enjoy that. If you’re in the camp, you may be happy to learn that future Clarion Call events will not mandate that you’re in a clan to be rewarded. However, Bungie did not provide any specifics on the solo Clarion Calls and what the rewards might be.

In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie also said today it is preparing to launch launch Xbox One X and PS4 Pro patches for the game. Those patches are coming in December alongside the new expansion, Curse of Osiris.

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