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Call Of Duty: WWII Ranked Play Coming To PS4 And Xbox Today

Call Of Duty: WWII Ranked Play Coming To PS4 And Xbox Today
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Win matches and you’ll earn points that go towards unlocking the next rank. Every time you lose or quit a match early, you’ll lose points. As mentioned, the first season is only for placement. At the end of Season 1, you’ll be assigned a skill rating, and that will carry forward to Season 2. There are seven tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Masters, and Pro. It’ll be extremely difficult to get Pro status as only the top 100 players worldwide will reach this rank. It’s probably not going to be you.

Reaching a new rank will unlock the rad-looking helmet above. Activision also confirmed there will be penalties for leaving Ranked matches early in the form of temporary bans. Quit early once and you’ll be banned for 15 minutes; twice for 30 minutes, and on your third time you’ll have to sit out for 45 minutes.

Activision did not say anything about bringing Ranked play to PC, though that could happen at a later date. In other news, a big new patch for Call of Duty: WWII is out now, and among other things, it finally makes the HQ mode work as intended.

Source:: Gamestop News

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