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This is the cheapest 4K monitor (and TV) you can buy right now

This is the cheapest 4K monitor (and TV) you can buy right now

Head over to Newegg if you want to grab the cheapest and probably one of the best value-for-money 4K monitors (that doubles as TV) in the market today, with an incredible price of only $189.99.

The Bolva 40″ 4K monitor (40BL00H7) is more affordable than most refurbished displays we’ve seen untill now and comes with a full one year warranty.

Uniquely amongst entry level televisions and monitors, it sports four (yes four) HDMI inputs. Which means that you can connect up to four computers to it, should you fancy such an outlandish setup.

It also has a USB port to connect an external storage and stream content from it plus there’s a VESA mount should you wish to stick it to your wall. Its rated contrast ratio of 3000:1 and 60Hz refresh rate won’t set any world records but should be good enough for most use cases.

An absurdly cheap deal

It doesn’t do split screen – not surprising at this price point – but if you use Windows 10, then Snap Assist will achieve almost the same thing.

Spreadsheet users, business professionals and multitaskers will love the massive real estate, which is equivalent to four 20-inch full HD monitors. Note that there are two versions of this product and based on the pictures, you are likely to get the 40BL00H7-01, not the 40BL00H7-02.

Source:: TechRadar Portable Devices

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