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Score the Galaxy Note 10 Plus for AU$288 less with Telstra

Score the Galaxy Note 10 Plus for AU$288 less with Telstra

With the release of the Galaxy S20 imminent, we’ll no doubt start to see discounts on the previous lineup of Samsung flagships. Telstra has been quick on the trigger, and is offering our favourite smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G for AU$288 less.

If you’re happy to pay the device off over 24 months, it will come down to AU$70.79 per month, saving you AU$12 each time. If you’d rather opt for a 36-month plan, it brings down the monthly cost to AU$47.19, saving you AU$8 on your bill.

You’ll have a few Telstra plans to choose from when picking up the device to suit a number of budgets, but one of the best value options that balances cost and data allowance would be the Medium plan.

For AU$60 month-to-month on the Medium plan, you’ll get 60GB worth of data plus free trial access to Telstra’s 5G network until June 30, 2020.

Telstra just so happens to have the best 5G network available in Australia at the moment too, but if you decide to stick with it after the trial period ends, you’ll need to pay an additional AU$15 a month.

Going with the Medium plan on a 24-month contract will see you pay AU$130.79 each month total, or if you decide to go for a 36-month contract, that’ll shake out to be AU$107.19 instead.

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus may soon lose the limelight to the next Note refresh anticipated for later in the year – this is an excellent deal on a top-notch mobile network.

The Note 10 Plus is a productivity-focused handset with a powerhouse spec sheet and an industry-leading Super AMOLED display – plus it’s just lovely to look at.

Source:: TechRadar Portable Devices

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