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We Happy Few: Final DLC Is Out Now, And A Making-Of Documentary Is Coming

We Happy Few: Final DLC Is Out Now, And A Making-Of Documentary Is Coming

We Happy Few has released its final piece of downloadable content. Its third expansion, We All Fall Down, is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, wrapping up the game’s saga. It follows on from Lightbearer and They Come from Below, and all three pieces of DLC are available as part of the game’s $20 season pass. We All Fall Down casts players as Victoria Byng, who “sets out to rid Wellington Wells of Joy, saving the people from starvation and addiction.”

We All Fall Down does away with the survival mechanics introduced in the main game, and is more focused on action. You’ll no longer need to eat, sleep, or craft, as you did in the original game. Victoria will go through withdrawal symptoms as she comes off of Joy, and she’s armed with a whip for melee combat and a dart gun for long-range attacks. This expansion encourages players to take to the rooftops for a stealthy approach, avoiding the bobbies littered throughout Wellington Wells.

Also launching before the end of the year is a documentary about the making of We Happy Few. The film, called The Cost of Joy: The Compulsion Games Story, will debut on December 19. The trailer shows off a fairly candid look at how the game was created, the pressures faced by the small team, and how they were brought into the Microsoft Xbox Game Studios fold. We Happy Few was published by Gearbox Games before the buyout.

We Happy Few is available on Xbox Game Pass, and received mixed reviews upon launch. GameSpot gave it a 4/10, with critic Alessandro Barbosa stating that “there are just too many hurdles to overcome to enjoy We Happy Few, and not enough Joy in the world to cast them aside.”

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