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Watch This Absurd And Gruesome Madden 19 Glitch

Watch This Absurd And Gruesome Madden 19 Glitch

With Madden NFL 19 out now and the real NFL season starting soon, it’s finally Madden Season–that also means it’s Madden Glitch Season. As is the case pretty much every year, videos have emerged of various glitches with the latest Madden game. I experienced some in my time playing the game for review, but I never came across anything as serious and significant as the one found by Twitter user @MrGoldenSports (via Deadspin).

In a punt situation, the longsnapper for the San Francisco 49ers refuses to snap the ball, and the New England defense crushes him, believing it’s a loose ball. This goes on for a while. And then something horrible happens to 49ers kicker Britton Colquitt. It’s horrific to watch. Stick through to the end of the video to see the entire unfortunate situation play out.

Madden 19 is currently available on Xbox One and Playstation 4, as well as PC for the first time in a decade. We scored the game an 8/10–read our full Madden 19 review here.

Source:: Gamestop News

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