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Paradise Killer Review

Paradise Killer Review
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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Lady Love Dies, the “investigation freak” of Paradise, has been brought out of her 3-million-day exile for the end of the island’s 24th cycle, her tryst with a demon forgiven in exchange for her solving the murder of the Council that, until last night, oversaw everything. Their eternal quest to summon the gods has been undone by what might or might not be a vast conspiracy, and a clear suspect has emerged: a demon-possessed slave citizen with a history of crime and a stomach full of Council blood. It’s up to you to uncover the truth of what happened–or, at least, a version of events that you’re satisfied with, one that’s close enough to the truth–and pass judgment at trial, so that Paradise can end and the next cycle can begin.

Paradise Killer is a detective game like no other, an excellent, bizarre, and utterly singular take on the adventure game. It lets you loose on its island setting, leaving it up to you the order in which you question potential witnesses, where you’ll explore, and just how much you’ll uncover. Structurally, it’s reminiscent of

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