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Panzer Paladin Review – Mech It So

Panzer Paladin Review – Mech It So

Retro throwbacks that take inspiration from classics of a bygone gaming era can be found all over the various download storefronts that exist in today’s console landscape. Taking inspiration from past masterpieces is one thing, but doing it well–and making a game that feels fresh and fun in the process–is another. Panzer Paladin borrows ideas and aesthetics from a variety of NES classics ranging from Blaster Master to Zelda II, but it mixes them all (with a dash of mech anime styling for flavor) into a curious new concoction. The result is a fun and engaging adventure that 2D action fans old and new would do well to check out.

Panzer Paladin’s premise and visual style feel lifted straight out of a cult-classic retro game from the early ’90s. As spunky, jump-suited android lady Flame, you are tasked with piloting your giant sentient mech exosuit buddy Grit in an effort to fight off a massive race of bloodthirsty, war-hungry interstellar monstrosities called the Ravenous. You trek through seventeen stages, some on Earth and some in the Ravenous’s stronghold, filled to bursting with enemies, hazards, hidden treasures, and lots of weapons from the aliens’ corrupted forge.

And by lots of weapons, I really do mean lots of weapons. Hammers, knives, lances, daggers, swords, staves, hockey sticks, giant bones, ultra-hard frozen ice pops–every level in Panzer Paladin is rich with a variety of implements to cut, poke, and smash with. While Grit’s fists pack a mighty punch, weapons are the way to go for any serious combat, adding range and power to the mech’s strikes. However, the intensity of battle wears weapons down, and all of them will eventually break–but that’s okay, because there are always plenty of new and unique armaments to be found from defeated enemies and hidden away in walls and crevices that you can stockpile.

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