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Get unlimited social media and a data boost with this ace Voxi SIM only deal sale

Get unlimited social media and a data boost with this ace Voxi SIM only deal sale

Familiar with Voxi? Whether you know it for its endless social media philosophy, its flexibility or its constant thumb-heavy adverts during the Love Island drama, Voxi has quickly become a household name in the world of SIM only deals.

And for anyone interested in scooping up a Voxi SIM, now seems like the perfect time. All the way up until February 19, Voxi is boosting data on its two cheapest plans, getting you that extra bit of bang for your buck.

Go for the cheaper £10 a month option and Voxi will up your data from 6GB to 8GB. Splash out a little bit more on the £15 a month option and you’ll see a jump from 15GB to 20GB.

And as we mentioned above, Voxi really likes social media, allowing you to use Facebook, Whataspp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook Messenger without using up data.

While these contracts will be ideal for big social media fans, both the companies Smarty and Three are giving Voxi a serious challenge when it comes to SIMO value. You can find information about these Voxi deals and Smarty and Three’s offers below.

Voxi’s impressive SIM only deals:

What other SIM only deals are available?

While these offers are very attractive, there are a load of other SIM only deals you can go for. Three has been ruling the SIMO world for a while now with some excellent value offers. For the cheaper option, Three has a 8GB of data SIM for just £8 a month. Or go with its unlimited data offer costing just £18 a month.

And it’s worth taking a look at its closest competition – Smarty. You pay £15 a month for 50GB of data and get the benefits of a 1-month rolling contract. And, you can tether your devices so you can use your big data plan on your phone, tablet and computer.

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