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GameStop Is Testing New Types Of Stores, Including Retro-Focused Ones

GameStop Is Testing New Types Of Stores, Including Retro-Focused Ones

Video game retailer GameStop has unveiled an ambitious plan for new types of retail stores. The company is partnering with a “global innovation design firm,” R/GA, to create “streamlined” GameStop stores. The two companies are working together on designing and testing out the stores, which GameStop says in a news release will introduce “new ways” for shoppers to try games before they guy them. The stores themselves will have a “unique layout and purpose.”

Some of the store concepts will be focused on competitive gaming and “home-grown e-leagues.” While other concept stores will exclusively sell retro games and hardware. The new stores will be piloted in a “select market,” though GameStop didn’t say exactly where they’ll be tested.

GameStop’s chief customer officer Frank Hamlin said in a statement, “We’re on a journey to use our vast retail footprint to provide an engaging and well-thought-out experience that enhances our consumers’ gaming interests.”

Hamlin said GameStop wants to “re-imagine” what the store experience can be.

GameStop has seen better days. The company’s share price is currently under $5 a share, which is close to the lowest it’s ever been in the company’s history. The company recently hired a new CEO, George Sherman, who said at the time of his hiring that he looks forward to putting GameStop through a large transformation. It appears these new concept stores are part of that.

In other news, Hamlin recently told GameSpot that the retailer is excited about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, in part because they will have disc drives.

Source:: Gamestop News

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