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Death Stranding Is A “Miracle,” Movie Director Says

Death Stranding Is A “Miracle,” Movie Director Says

Death Stranding, the next game from Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, is already playable–and developer Kojima Productions is allowing outside people to play it. Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is directing the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie, recently tweeted that he’s had a chance to play Death Stranding. In short, he was blown away, describing the game as a “miracle.”

“YOU. ARE. NOT. READY,” Vogt-Roberts said of his impressions of Death Stranding thus far.

So @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN let me play DEATH STRANDING❗️The world is next-level immaculate. It’s like freebasing pure Kojima & Shinkawa. Remember when FURY ROAD blew you away but also made you (in the best-most-thankful way) ask “wtf” how does this miracle exist? YOU. ARE. NOT. READY❗️

— Jordan Vogt-Roberts (@VogtRoberts) February 6, 2019

Vogt-Roberts isn’t the only celebrity to speak highly of Death Stranding. Speaking to Metro, The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, who plays a character in Death Stranding, said he’s never seen anything like what Kojima is doing with the game.

“The concept is so far out into the future. Instead of eliminating everyone around you, it’s bringing everyone together,” he explained. “It’s a very positive video game, but scary and depressing at the same time. It’s kind of a new movie. I’ve never seen anything like what we’re doing.”

Overall, Reedus said Death Stranding is a “crazy complicated game.” The trailers and information about the title released thus far do not fully encapsulate what Death Stranding is, it seems.

“The trailers show you an aspect of it, but not a whole picture of what the game will be,” he said.

Death Stranding is Kojima’s first new game since his split with Konami. Very little is known about the game, and that appears to be intentional, with Kojima weaving secrets into its new trailers. In addition to Reedus, the game features other celebrities such as Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux, Lindsay Wagner, Guillermo del Toro, and Troy Baker. No release date has been set as of yet.

Source:: Gamestop News

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