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Apex Legends’ Most Annoying Bug On PS4 Is Finally Fixed

Apex Legends’ Most Annoying Bug On PS4 Is Finally Fixed

Since the launch of the Apex Legends event The Old Ways, PlayStation 4 players have been have been experiencing a bug where the playlist sector would default to Trios after returning from a Ranked game or after switching characters. In response to the community reporting the bug, Respawn has issued the 1.35 update to the PS4.

Heads up, Legends: This afternoon, we pushed through a patch for PS4 that addressed the following:
?Playlist selector defaulting to Trios after coming back from a Ranked game or after switching Legends
?DPad/cursor menu controls not working after picking up loot
?Crash fixes

— Apex Legends (@PlayApex) April 21, 2020

The bug fix was not the only thing included in the patch, with a number of crash fixes, and a bug that caused controls to not work after picking up loot was also fixed. Network, performance, and stability improvements were all added as well, but the update notes do not detail the specific improvements made.

The full download and installation for this patch is 150MB, so make sure to check for the update before opening the game on your PS4.

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