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The best AT&T phones available in February 2019

The best AT&T phones available in February 2019

The best AT&T phones you can get right now cover the spectrum from high-end, premium handsets down to some more affordable options. We’ve reviewed all the best phones available right now, and we’ve had opportunities to check out plenty of others as well. With that experience and our close eye on AT&T’s phone offerings, we can help you pick out the best phone for you.

With payments plans and other incentives available, you’ll have plenty of options for how you buy your new AT&T smartphone. That might be simply by splitting your payments up, getting two phones for the price of one, or simply going for an extra affordable phone or earlier model that’s had its original price slashed.

We’ve picked out a variety of smartphones offered by AT&T that offer a bit of something for just about anyone, so you can be sure to find a solid option to fit your needs.

And once you find your phone, we can help you figure out what the best AT&T plan is as well.

ATT phones


AT&T phones: Your options explained

TechRadar’s guide to finding the best AT&T phone for you

We’ve reviewed the contenders for best AT&T phone, and compared the value to the price. Ignoring any personal preferences and/or biases towards specific operating systems, be it Android, iOS or Windows, we’ve picked AT&T’s best phones in a number of categories.

All of these phones are available through an AT&T installment plan, which spreads the cost of the phone over a set amount of time. For this article, we’ll be looking at the AT&T plans that spread the cost of the phone over 30 months, with an option for upgrade after 80-percent of the device’s sales price is paid off.

ATT phones

ATT phones

How to choose the best AT&T phones for you:

From $6 a month to $30 or more a month, AT&T’s best phones come in at all prices. And you always have the option to pay the full price of the device up front. How much you want to pay for a new phone is up to you, but the best phones don’t come cheap.

Here we’ve done the tough work of going through what AT&T has to offer and picking out the best AT&T phones. Let’s find the perfect phone for you.

ATT phones

The best AT&T phone options for every budget:

ATT phones

ATT phones

ATT phones

ATT phones

ATT phones

Now find the best AT&T plan

Once you’ve picked out the best AT&T phone, you’re going to want to pair it with the best AT&T plan. We’ve looked at all AT&T has to offer and have all the details on AT&T plans here.

ATT phones

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