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PlayStation 4 Lifetime Sales Top 110 Million, And Digital Sales See A Huge Increase

PlayStation 4 Lifetime Sales Top 110 Million, And Digital Sales See A Huge Increase

The PlayStation 4 is the second-best selling Sony console (after the PlayStation 2), and the company’s latest earnings report has given the most up-to-date figure on how the console is doing. Although there has been the expected year-on-year decline as the PlayStation 4 nears the end of its life cycle, the console has continued to do well, and has now sold through 110.4 million units over its lifetime.

Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, has compiled data from the latest Sony earnings report to paint a picture of the PS4’s sales over the last financial year, ending March 31, 2020. 13.6 million units were sold over the last financial year, down from 17.8 million the previous year. It’s expected that sales in the current quarter of the 2020 financial year might actually exceed those from a year ago, as COVID-19 means that people are at home and bored.

Lifetime sell in for the PlayStation 4 is now 110.4 million.
Sony shipped 13.6 million units in FY2019/20, down from 17.8m in the prior year.
Sony has not provided a forecast for FY2020/21, but is expected to be lower.

— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) May 13, 2020

245 million units of software were sold over the same period. This is down from 257.6 million the previous year, as is to be expected. This also marks the first time that digital sales have exceeded physical–51% of game sales during the financial year were digital. A whopping 66% of sales in the final quarter of the financial year were digital, which is, again, likely due in part to self-isolation and restrictions that came into effect in March 2020.

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