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Surface Pro 2017 deal and Surface Laptop 2017 deal are both up to $360 off

Surface Pro 2017 deal and Surface Laptop 2017 deal are both up to $360 off

Just in time for the last day to order something online and expect to receive it before Christmas, Microsoft has slashed prices on its 2017 Surface Pro and Surface Laptop models through Best Buy.

Better yet, the Surface Pro doorbuster deal through Best Buy includes a Type Cover in the package – something we’ve hoped Microsoft would do on its own for years.

The Surface Laptop on offer is more of a standard affair with a simple, if sizable, price cut. Regardless, both are excellent deals coming in at the 11th hour of Christmas shopping.

When you look at these deals, you might be thinking, “Why are you showing me deals on old products?”

That’s because these ‘old’ products barely qualify as such, and still have plenty of oomph left in them to keep up with computing trends for the next several years. Take it from us: sometimes it pays to wait for moments like this to grab a coveted laptop or tablet that’s a fraction less powerful for a much lower price.

For one of the cheapest entry points into Microsoft’s luxury laptop world, we’d suggest hopping on this deal quickly – we doubt it will last up to the expiration date.

Source:: TechRadar Mobile Computing



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